paradise playboyz show

Playboyz bring their swag in a battle like no other

It’s not often you get the chance to experience a group of male dancers that offer such an assortment of talent. Paradise Playboyz has searched the nation for the best performers and combined their impressive range of style, swag and six-packs to deliver a show that our audience will never forget. The newest entertainment on […]

gold coast playboyz

Paradise Playboyz whips Gold Coast into a frenzy

It’s been a long time in between drinks since the Gold Coast has experienced entertainment of this caliber.  Paradise Playboyz has combined the seductive moves of professional male dancers with the popping energy of some of the nation’s best hip hop dancers to provide one of the most exciting new shows to hit the glitter […]

auditions for paradise playboyz

Auditions for Paradise Playboyz brings out the best of the buff

It was a tough day at the office when management had to sit through days and days of auditions from some of the buffest bodies in Queensland.  When the auditions were announced for the new all male dance revue, Paradise Playboyz, the response was overwhelming with organisers struggling to get through the enormous amount talent […]